segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

The story so far

DE PUTA MADRE brand was created in a spanish jail by Colombian drug dealer, ILAN FERNANDEZ (I.F.U.)
Who was arrested in 89 in Barcelona for drug dealing. Giving action to his feelings, he began to create T-SHIRTS with slogans written with markers, that were smuggled out of jail secretely.Once out of jail, I.F.U. searched a producer would share his ideas and project.Thus the brand was born recognized all over the world.DE PUTA MADRE is from a spanish expression "Everythings cool" or "I feel good".

E assim nasceu mais uma marca de roupa, por sinal muito gira.

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Anónimo disse...

Sede del marchio si trova a Roma.

Tutto da leggere sul sito riportato sopra.

Salva :)

Sofifaruk disse...

Ciao Salva, trova a Roma, ma ha sido criado per un Columbiani e non Italiani!:)
Come stai?
Spetto che bene...